Member Peer Conference: Your impact on improvement in 2019 - 8 November 2018

Presentations from this event.

Keynote address - Emergency Response - Joanne Roney OBE

Workshop A. What is it like to be a peer

Workshop B. Managing conflict and difficult conversations

Workshop C. Peer challenge - How Peers are making a difference

Workshop D. Finance peer challenges and pressures

Workshop E. Commercialisation

Workshop F. Leading Healthier Places

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Expression of Interest Information

Member peers

Member peers are involved in a range of peer support activity in addition to peer challenges, including support to new leaders and administrations following a change of control, mentoring and councillor development.

We ask that members interested in being a peer contact the relevant national lead member peer or head of Political Group Office to discuss:

  • their experience and expertise
  • the current demand for member peers
  • the areas where we require more peers.

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