Why assessment centres?

"It was a very relaxed atmosphere and the assessments were extremely interesting. It is a great way to get people interested in local government, or to reaffirm their desire to work in local government.”

In 2019, over 500 ngdp candidates took part in our assessment centres.

  • 100 per cent of those with disabilities felt their requirements were met
  • 90 per cent felt the group discussion exercise was challenging, enjoyable and interesting
  • 87 per cent felt the presentation exercise was challenging, enjoyable and interesting
  • 80 per cent felt that the assessment centre contributed to their own professional development
  • 75 per cent felt the written exercise was challenging, enjoyable and interesting

I have a better understanding of some of the impacts of central government policies on the decisions made by local government officers. I also have a better idea of the scope of work streams, local government responsibilities and the consequences of officer intervention.”

Candidates experienced:

  • Friendly staff
  • Exercises giving an indication of a career in local government with realistic scenarios
  • Clear and concise instructions
  • Exercises that test the relevant competencies required to succeed in local government
  • Valuable feedback given which contributes to professional development Support for their disability requirements
  • A meaningful opportunity to improve their confidence An insight into the work conducted within local councils
  • The opportunity to improve teamwork, communication and leadership skills

It was very well organised. I felt like the team genuinely wanted us to perform as well as we possibly could and get the most out of the day.”