ngdp events

This is the current list of ngdp events. Please contact your careers service for more information. We will keep this page updated with any further events.

Kings College London: 2 October 5.30-7pm,  Discover Careers in the Public Sector

Aston: 10 October, 2-4pm, Public Sector Panel

Durham: 10 October, 12-3pm, Public Sector Panel

Kingston: 10 October, TBA, Autumn Careers Fair 2018

Sheffield Hallam: 11 October, 5.15-7pm, Public Sector Panel

Cardiff: 15 October, 4-6pm, Public Sector Panel

Exeter: 16 October, TBC, Public Sector Panel

Manchester: 16 October, 5-7pm, Meet the Professionals 3, Public Sector

Plymouth: 16 October, TBC, Public Sector Panel

Coventry: 17 October, 11am-3pm, Coventry University Group's 2018 Big Fair

Hertfordshire: 17 October,, Graduate Recruitment and Placement Fair

Leeds: 17 October, 2.30-4pm, Public Sector Panel

Westminster: 17 October, 1.30-3.30pm, Business Careers Fair 2018

Leicester: 18 October, TBC, Public Sector Panel

Leicester/De Montford: 18 October, 2-4pm, Public Sector Panel

Essex: 19 October, TBC, Public Sector Panel

London School of Economics: 23 October, 5.30-8pm, Public Sector and Policy Fair 2018

Coventry 24 October, TBC, Public Sector Panel

Nottingham Trent: 24 October, 10am-3pm, Careers Fair 2018

Sheffield Hallam: 25 October, 11am-3pm, Sheffield Hallam University's Careers Fair

York: 25 October, TBC, Public Sector Panel

Bristol: 29 October, TBC, Public Sector Panel

Anglia Ruskin: 30 October, 1-4pm, Business and Law Careers Fair

De Montford: 31 October, TBC, 2018 Graduate Recruitment and Placements Fair

Keele: 31 October, TBC, Careers Fair 2018

Newcastle: 31 October, 12-4pm (starts at 1.15pm), Public Sector Panel

Lancaster: 1 November, TBC, Public Sector Panel

Kings College London: 5 November, 12.15-3.45pm, King's College London Careers Options Fair

Birmingham City: 5 November, TBC, Presentation (organised and delivered by Shona Okeka)

Leeds: 6 November, 1pm, Employer Presentation

Northumbria: 6 November, 11am-3pm, Placements and Careers Fair

East Anglia: 6 November, TBC, Cafe Conversations Event

Nottingham Trent: 8 November 11am-3pm, Placement and Graduate Jobs Fair

Liverpool: 13 November, 6pm, Public Sector Panel

Northampton: 13 November, 11am-2.30pm, Employability Fair

South Bank: 13 November, 11am-2.30pm, Business Careers Fair

Birmingham: 14 November, 3.30-5.30pm, Insight into the Public Sector

Portsmouth: 15 November, TBC, Lunchtime session

Worcester: 20 November, 12-2pm, Charity/Public Sector Careers

East Anglia: 21 November, 1.30-3pm, Working in Government and Public Sector

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