National Procurement Strategy: One Year On

In July 2015 all councils in England were invited to complete an online survey about the National Procurement Strategy to help LGA and NAG gain an understanding of its impacts. The survey asked a series of questions centred on the four main themes of the Strategy. Ninety-five per cent of respondents knew about the NPS and just under two thirds (61 per cent) said their councils had committed to implementing the recommendations.

The results show us that:

  • Upper tier councils are actively pursuing improvements outlined in ‘making savings' with 99 per cent looking to identify their main spend categories to some extent
  • 52 per cent of district councils are reviewing and using existing frameworks to a great extent with another 33 per cent doing this to a moderate extent
  • 88 per cent of upper tier councils said that they considered social value opportunities in all tenders as recommended in ‘supporting local economies' to some extent
  • 97 per cent of upper tier councils identify all procurement opportunities through portals where appropriate to some extent
  • 62 per cent of district councils are making strategic decisions with their lotting strategies do not create unwanted barriers for smaller businesses to some extent
  • 87 per cent of upper tier councils ensure the procurement strategy underpins councils' corporate strategies and the wider objectives of the council with 92 per cent also being aligned with the objectives of the finance director
  • 67 per cent of district councils ensure the procurement strategy links to the corporate strategy
  • 66 per cent of upper tier and 65 per cent of districts engage with procurement networks to some extent
  • 91 per cent of upper tier and 69 per cent of districts cascading training on the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 to officers outside the procurement team
  • A sample of 26 councils had identified £46m in savings between them specifically by following the good practice highlighted in the National Procurement Strategy