NAG Terms of Reference

NAG will report on a quarterly basis to the Improvement and Innovation Board of the LGA and to our Chief Executive sponsor, Dr Martin Reeves of Coventry City Council and the West Midlands Combined Authority.

Background and governance

The Local Government Association is the national voice of local government. We work with councils to support, promote and improve local government.

Councils have long recognised the importance that strategic procurement (our definition of strategic procurement includes procurement’s role in ‘commissioning’, ‘collaboration with the wider public sector’ and ‘contract management’) can play in delivering efficiencies and procurement contributing to reshaping and transforming service delivery as well as ensuring value for money and the potential impact on local, regional and national businesses and jobs.  Local authorities have been subject to massive reductions in funding and unavoidable growth pressures on the resources it has available to deliver services to our communities.

NAG will report on a quarterly basis to the Improvement and Innovation Board of the LGA and to our Chief Executive sponsor, Dr Martin Reeves of Coventry City Council and the West Midlands Combined Authority.

Role, remit and membership

LGA convene this group of senior local government procurement professionals, with at least one representative per English region.  We will work with our partners on the SOPO executive committee as one cohesive voice in order to:

  • and share good practice to maximise the benefits of good procurement, as well as communicate and support local government colleagues to adopt any good practice identified;
  • the role of procurement in supporting wider policies, improvements, added social value and efficiency savings for the sector
  • blockers to efficient and collaborative procurement and how these might be resolved;
  • account of procurement’s role in relation to other groups and bodies such as clinical commissioners, and new initiatives such as commercialism, devolution and combined authorities;
  • influence and improve access to procurement related training to local government

NAG will provide leadership on issues relating to local government procurement through the issue, update and refresh of a National Procurement Strategy and providing one cohesive voice in particular on the following workstreams:

Leadership through lobbying on policy, influencing stakeholders and engaging with suppliers and our professional buying organisations.

  • Making Savings, through projects relating to

       Category management
       Contract management
       Strategic supplier management
       Supporting commercial development  and income generation 

  •  Supporting local economies through projects relating to

        Social value

  • Modernising procurement through projects relating to


  • Innovation

Meetings and communications

Face to face meetings will take place quarterly with a teleconference update in between meetings.

Communications from NAG meetings will be available shortly after each meeting.

NAG members will use the Knowledge Hub closed group as a storage for documents and discussions.

NAG member responsibilities

  • To attend (or appoint an appropriate substitute) NAG meetings
  • To contribute to discussions on shaping the national procurement policy agenda
  • To identify and share good practice with other NAG members and wider local government procurement networks
  • To promote the work of NAG to colleagues and networks as appropriate
  • To provide papers for agenda items one week in advance of the meeting
  • To forward communications to their own networks  as soon as they are available

NAG Members for each region are listed below

The contact at the LGA for the National Advisory Group is Tina Holland –


Name and organisation

East Midlands

Fiona Holbourn, Leicestershire County Council

East Midlands

Paul White, LGSS Shared Procurement Service

East of England

Al Collier, Norfolk County Council

East of England

Bev Thomas, Harlow Council

East of England

Eddie Gibson, East of England Local Government Association

Local Partnerships

Teresa Oliviere, Local Partnerships


Dave Levy, London Borough of Waltham Forest


David Pridmore, London Borough of Newham

North East

Darren Knowd, Durham County Council

North East

Nicola Shelley, North East Procurement Organisation

North East

Steven Sinclair,  North East Procurement Organisation

North West

Helen McMahon, Lancaster City Council

North West

Peter Schofield, GM Procurement Hub

South East

Belinda Stubbs, Hampshire County Council

South East

Steve Ede,  Essex County Council

South West

Chanelle Busby, Exeter City Council

South West

Wayne Welsby, Wiltshire Council

West Midlands

Nigel Kletz,  Birmingham City Council

West Midlands and SOPO

Liz Welton, Solihull MBC

Yorkshire & Humber

Chris Arnold, Barnsley MBC

Yorkshire & Humber

Jane Lockwood, Kirklees Council

Yorkshire & Humber

Keri Wilkins, Leeds City Council

Yorkshire & Humber

Kevin Draisey, North Yorkshire County Council