Case studies 2013

My time at Oldham Council

Fran Stanning

So it's been seven weeks since I started working for Oldham Council and I'm loving it. This is despite my rather interesting first day which involved being persuaded to attend Council during the evening and consequently my car being locked in the car park!

So disastrous first days aside, my time so far with Oldham has been thought provoking and has challenged me to think in ways I never thought possible. My first placement is in the Finance Special Projects Team. I have settled in quickly thanks to the team and the explanations and guidance to the many questions I've asked. I'm responsible for supporting the project management delivery on a key project in Oldham's Repositioning Strategy called Business Units. I have been given key areas of responsibility such as creating the evaluation questions for the first phase of services, reviewing the project objectives and writing and delivering a workshop for Service Accountants.

In addition to the placement, the NGDP scheme co-ordinator for Oldham has been really supportive and set up 1:1s with key member of the council such as the Chief Executive, Executive Directors and Directors of Services to support my understanding of how the council operates. I have also been pro-active in looking for opportunities to develop networking opportunities such as a day of shadowing day with the Director of Economy, Place and Skills which involved attending the Council's Transformational Board Meeting.

I've also attended the first NMT training event at Warwick Business School. I really enjoyed the two day event, meeting fellow NMTs and sharing experiences as well as the workshops on leadership, MBTI and influencing styles.

At this stage I am unsure what direction my two years on the NGDP will take me within the Council but I know with the support around me and the scope of fantastic projects happening in Oldham it will be a rewarding and stretching experience.