Climate action: data

Can we use data to baseline our current environmental position and to learn from others?

Climate change hub

LGA resources

The Greenhouse gas accounting tool

The Greenhouse gas accounting tool produces summary tables and charts to help councils understand their most significant sources of emissions, which can then be used to prioritise actions to reduce carbon emissions.

Councils are also able to benchmark their emissions with other councils to understand how their performance compares with their peers. To participate in the benchmarking please submit your completed baseline by email to by 31 October 2020.

To find out more, you can view the Greenhouse gas accounting tool webinar and presentations. The webinar covers the importance of carbon accounting, how the tool can be used in more detail and how it connects with the LGA’s LGInform, the tool which provides up-to-date data and information about your council and local area.

The LGA survey

Climate change survey: we are conducting a survey of English councils to understand the actions they are taking to address climate change, as well as to identify any policy changes we should be campaigning for to support councils in this work. Please email James Harman at for your authority’s unique link to take part in this survey.