Climate action: procurement and green finance

Have we reviewed our investment strategy, supply chains and procurement models to give due consideration to climate change impacts?

Climate change hub

LGA resources 

Financing Green Ambitions: a practical guide for councils

This guide looks at some of these sources of funding, as well as green loans, community municipal bonds and more and how they might apply to different types of projects.

Greening Procurement webinar

The Greening Procurement webinar (slides), jointly run by the Business Services Association (BSA) and the Local Government Association (LGA), was an online workshop to explore the climate emergency and how local government and businesses can work together on meeting local carbon reduction goals. During the session, the following was covered: 

The climate emergency and the work of local authorities in helping to prevent climate change and mitigating its effects 

The ways in which councils have worked to reduce carbon emissions in the communities they represent 

The role of the private sector and Voluntary and Community Sector stakeholders in working with councils to these ends 

Best practice in incorporating sustainability as a factor in the public procurement process, including through the Social Value Act.

The Greening procurement webinar recording

Greening procurement webinar presentations 

BSA and LGA Greening Procurement webinar blog 

Climate emergency social value themes, outcomes and measures

Councils can use procurement to achieve wider financial and non-financial outcomes, including improving wellbeing of individuals and communities, social value and improved environment. Climate emergency social value themes, outcomes and measures  (TOMs) have been published. The 2020 TOMs have been launched with extra emphasis and focus on providing councils and organisations with measures specifically dedicated to reducing and mitigating the risks of climate change in our communities.

Energising procurement: national energy procurement category strategy

Energy is one of the largest controllable overheads in many council buildings. To insulate councils from wider energy price trends, and to benefit from the huge opportunities presented by new energy technologies and business models, councils must look to gain greater control over this spend. Please find the energising procurement national strategy here.

National Procurement Strategy 2018 - toolkit

This toolkit has been developed to support delivery of the National Procurement Strategy for Local Government in England 2018. A large part of the strategy is about achieving community benefits, including those for the environment. 

Resources from elsewhere

Green Finance Toolkit for Place Leaders

This guide covers what green finance actually is, the Government’s green finance strategy, types of green finance, a view from private sector investors and a number of case studies from councils.