LGA green webinars

The LGA is delivering a green webinar series.

LGA green webinar series

The LGA is setting up a series of green webinars, run in partnerships with councils and wider partners. The first in this series can be found beneath.

LGA Spotlight on...green reset webinar:

Wednesday 1 July

Our Spotlight on Green Reset webinar focused on how local government can work towards a sustainable recovery and seize opportunities given to us from the COVID-19 pandemic. Cllr Liz Green, Vice Chair of the Improvement and Innovation Board, chaired the meeting and outlined how the pandemic has caused an unforeseen switch in people’s behaviours and attitudes. The global lockdown has not only meant that we have had to drastically change the way we work and live, it has also given us the opportunity to do so in a way that will benefit our environment and help us to reach our carbon reduction goals. The webinar also heard insights from Cllr David Renard (Swindon Borough Council), Jo Wall (Local Partnerships), Mike Cockburn (Wirral Council) and Cllr Clyde Loakes (London Borough of Waltham Forest).


Jo Wall, Strategic Director (Climate Response), Local Partnerships
Mike Cockburn, Lead Commissioner – Environment, Wirral Council
Cllr Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader, London Borough of Waltham Forest

Greening procurement: Wednesday 24 June

The Greening Procurement webinar, jointly run by the Business Services Association and the Local Government Association, was an online workshop to explore the climate emergency and how local government and businesses can work together on meeting local carbon reduction goals. During the session, the following was covered:

  • The climate emergency and the work of local authorities in helping to prevent climate change and mitigating its effects
  • The ways in which councils have worked to reduce carbon emissions in the communities they represent
  • The role of the private sector and Voluntary and Community Sector stakeholders in working with councils to these ends
  • Best practice in incorporating sustainability as a factor in the public procurement process, including through the Social Value Act.