COVID-19: statutory council duties

Information and guidance related to data protection, elections, meetings, procurement and more.

Council premises

GOV.UK – Closing certain businesses and venues

GOV.UK – guidance for the safe use of multi-purpose community facilities

Cyber security and digital connection

Broadband and digital connection

Ofcom: Stay connected during the coronavirus

MHCLG Local Digital Collaboration Unit: responding to the COVID-19 outbreak

Cyber security

GOV.UK – advice and guidance on fraud and cyber crime

National Cyber Security Centre

Data protection

The Information Commissioner's Office: blog on data protection and the coronavirus

GOV.UK – Notification of data controllers to share information

Parish and town councils

NALC – coronavirus information for local (parish and town) councils

NALC – coronavirus case studies (pdf, May 2020)

GOV.UK – letter to town and parish councils 

Procurement and supply chains


The Cabinet Office has published Procurement Policy Notes (PPN), with guidance on public procurement regulations and supplier relief due to coronavirus:

GOV.UK – Procurement Policy Note 11/20: Reserving below threshold procurements (pdf, December 2020)

GOV.UK – Procurement Policy Note 01/20: Responding to COVID-19

GOV.UK – Procurement Policy Note 02/20: Supplier relief due to COVID-19

GOV.UK – Procurement Policy Note 02/20: Construction contracts (pdf, 6 April 2020)

GOV.UK – Procurement Policy Note 03/20: Use of procurement cards (pdf, April 2020)

GOV.UK – Procurement Policy Note 04/20: Recovery and transition from COVID-19

Crown Commercial Service – COVID-19: catalogue of supplier offers

GOV.UK – analysis of the National Infrastructure and Construction Procurement Pipeline 2020/21 (pdf, June 2020)

Supply chains

LGA weekly COVID-19 supply chain bulletin

LGA – protecting the local government sector supply chain from fraud

GOV.UK – supporting vital service provision in PFI and PF2 contracts during the COVID-19 emergency (pdf, 2 April 2020)

Crown Commercial Service – catalogue of supplier offers

Registrar services

GOV.UK – guidance for small marriages and civil partnerships

Birth registration: the General Register Office confirmed on 24 March 2020 that registration of births appointments should now be deferred until we are through the current pandemic period. Customers should be advised that they can now make a claim for child benefit or universal credit prior to the birth of their child being registered.

Other ceremonies: the General Register Office confirmed on 24 March 2020 that ceremonies, including marriages, civil partnerships and citizenship ceremonies, must be suspended until such time as Government agrees that they should resume.