We facilitate a network of more than 2,200 LGA peers

Transcript of our LGA peers promotional video.

We facilitate a network of more than 2,200 LGA peers – councillors and local authority officers who contribute their time and expertise to our peer challenge programme, including our flagship Corporate Peer Challenge programme.

We offer peer challenges in a wide range of areas, including adults' and children's services, finance, governance and planning.

We provide LGA peers with training on our Corporate Peer Challenge programme and other specific peer challenges. We offer councillor mentoring training to LGA member (councillor) peers.

Our peer challenge programme provides councils with critical friend challenge across service areas and functions – a working example of sector-led improvement.

LGA peers bring their first-hand experience and understanding to improve local government from within and take new knowledge back to their councils.

We know that sector-led improvement works. And 93 per cent of council leaders and chief executives agree that sector-led improvement is the right approach, according to our latest membership survey.

12,500 council performance metrics are available to be analysed on our free online data benchmarking tool – LG Inform, and this evidence is used by LGA peers to inform our peer challenge work.

In 2022/23, LGA peers provided councils with 1,285 days of challenge and support as we conducted 143 peer challenges and bespoke peer support.

100 per cent of respondents to our recent survey told us that preparing for and participating in our Corporate Peer Challenge programme had a positive impact on their council.

"An excellent challenge."

"An overall great experience to gain constructive feedback and recommendations to improve what we do."

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