Behavioural change: responding to COVID-19

This page collates past and present LGA behavioural insights projects which may be useful when responding to COVID-19.

This page collates past and present LGA behavioural insights projects which may be useful when responding to COVID-19.

Seeking support for domestic abuse

The LGA worked with Kent County Council, Kent Police, their commissioned support services and the Behavioural Insights Team to increase the number of domestic abuse victims that seek and receive support. The commissioned support service successfully contacted a further 6.3 per cent of domestic violence victims which saw a 3.6 per cent increase of uptake in support received. This was done by producing a contact information card for victims of domestic abuse which used behavioural insights techniques to encourage victims to take up support services.


Assistive technology in the home

With technology playing a more active role in care, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak, Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council increased the uptake of assistive technology in the home. We developed behaviourally-informed materials and conducted a mail out targeted at key groups of residents who could benefit (those with blue badges, those who received assisted bin collections and all non-residential adult social care users). We also developed materials to support staff to offer AT more effectively. We observed a 39 per cent increase in referrals and a 27 per cent increase in installations following implementation of our intervention.


Working from home and community volunteering

North Yorkshire County Council and the LGA’s aims of this project are twofold. The first is to support home workers during the COVID-19 outbreak as they adjust to working from home. This will include assistance with home-schooling for parents who have these new responsibilities. A second aim of the project is to mobilise citizens living in North Yorkshire to support and volunteer in their local community during the pandemic. 

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Examples of nudges

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Increasing the uptake of the flu vaccine

The LGA funded Bradford MDC under the LGA Behavioural Insights Programme on a nudge project to increase the uptake of the flu vaccine. The results are expected in mid June 2020. The reason for highlighting this project is that the flu vaccine may be even more important to take up if COVID-19 is still in the community in the Autumn, particularly amongst vulnerable groups.



LGA Behavioural Insights Programme 2020

Please keep an eye out for the LGA Behavioural Insights Programme grant funding which will go live in September 2020. Councils will have the opportunity to apply for grant funding which will need to be match funded, to support any behavioural insights project. This may be COVID-19 related or in response to another challenge which the local community is facing. Please find examples of current projects on this page. More information will be put on the LGA Behavioural Insights webpage in due course.