LGA Behavioural Insights Programme FAQs

What is behavioural insights?
You can view a full description of what behavioural insights is, alongside LGA examples and case studies. 
Can we apply as a joint bid with another council?
We are keen to receive applications from groups of councils or those involving partner organisations. Please note: applications are limited to one per council, including where a council is a partner in a joint bid.
How innovative does our proposal need to be?
We are unable to match fund applications where the proposed project is too similar to a project already funded in previous phases of the programme. This is because the LGA is building an evidence base of behavioural insights in local government and requires a diverse portfolio of projects to support this. View a full list of previous projects. We encourage applications that seek to address tricky social problems which local government has been grappling with.
How competitive is the grant funding?
The competition is tough to be successful in accessing the grant funding. The LGA was extremely oversubscribed last year. We encourage all applications to be well thought through and of a high standard.
How many rounds of funding have been run already?
We have run four cohorts of funding previously to this round which is the fifth cohort.
How many organisations will be successful in being awarded the grant funding?
Eight organisations will be awarded the funding in this cohort.
Can the monetary contribution from your organisation be in kind?
The applicant should be ready and willing to contribute to the project financially and not in kind, for example, in the form of staff time.
If successful, will I be required to attend the kick off workshop on 16 January 2020 ?
Yes. There is a requirement for the project manager to make themselves available to travel to the LGA, 18 Smith Square, Westminster, London, SW1P 3HZ on 16 January 2020. This will be an introductory session to the LGA programme, behavioural insights and an opportunity to meet the LGA officers and other organisations on the cohort.
Which organisations can apply for the grant funding?
Any council (including all those not in membership of the LGA)
National Parks
Fire and Rescue Services
Which internal stakeholders should I speak to before applying and who should form the project team?
The communications officer/team
The data protection officer
The organisation’s chief executive/most senior officer
Do I need to gain confirmation from the organisation’s most senior officer in order to apply for the grant?
Yes, a confirmation in the application form from your most senior officer in the organisation will be required to pursue the application.
How long should my application be?
Sufficient detail is required to make a good application but we ask that applications are kept clear and succinct. This means that applications should not exceed 200 words per question but can be less than that.