Commercial skills training for senior officers

The LGA has developed a training course to enhance council officers’ skills to undertake commercial activities.

In order to protect valuable frontline services and ensure positive outcomes for local communities councils are increasingly thinking through a more commercial approach to their activities. The LGA has developed a training course with the Institute of Directors, designed to enhance council officers’ ability to:

  • ensure that local authority trading companies run effectively
  • fulfil their roles as company directors capably and confidently
  • apply their enhanced commercial skills and knowledge to improve business performance
  • formulate commercial strategy
  • assess the financial health of council commercial activities
  • deal with commercial partners and improve negotiation skills
  • gain a common set of business principles
  • network with commercial officers from across local government.

The programme is aimed at chief executives, senior directors, or those leading councils’ commercial activities, as well as rising stars who will be leading future commercial activities.

This is a six day programme, comprised of four modules:

  • Dealing and negotiating with commercial partners
  • Commercial strategy and risk
  • Governance
  • Finance

I would recommend it to all senior district staff. It provides insight into the governance and operating conditions many districts will need to bridge or adjust to be successful, while also highlighting the strengths authorities have in their armoury to move with flexibility

Allen Graham, Chief Executive, Rushcliffe Borough Council