LGA cyber security stocktake

We have undertaken a comprehensive ‘stocktake’ of cyber security arrangements across all councils in England.

Please note: The stocktake has now closed. 

As part of the National Cyber Security Strategy, the LGA has been granted funding by the Cabinet Office to ensure that councils are as resilient against cyber-attacks as possible. This was agreed with them on the basis of a phased approach. The first phase took place over summer 2018. Every council in England completed an online stocktake questionnaire concerning their cyber security arrangements.

This aims to:

  • capture existing cyber security arrangements
  • identify good practice – and those councils delivering it
  • identify risks – and those councils at risk.

Working with our trusted research partner, RAND Europe, we gained a high-level picture of where all councils in England are in terms of their cyber security arrangements. We are using this to understand where good practice exists so we can highlight and share this with other councils, as well as identifying those councils that might benefit from some additional support.

Findings from this work will inform where and how we target support including funding to individual councils. 

If you have any questions about the Stocktake, email: cybersecurity@local.gov.uk