Design in the public sector

Delivered in a partnership between the LGA and the Design Council, the Design in Public Sector programme equips councils with design skills and techniques to apply to their toughest service challenges.

Join us in transforming public services. Design in the Public Sector Programme 2019/2020 is now open!

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The key elements of the programme are:

  • Builds design skills and capabilities within the council and across partners, to improve service outcomes
  • Delivers an accelerated learning experience for local authorities
  • Creates new insights and evidence to generate solutions
  • Enables new ways of working with partners and stakeholders
  • Encourages peer learning and development of regional support networks
  • Funded by the LGA, delivered by Design Council.

Here you will find resources that share the learning and examples of projects that the programme has helped councils with. This is via videos, case studies and blogs.