Design in the public sector

Delivered in a partnership between the LGA and the Design Council, the Design in Public Sector programme equips councils with design skills and techniques to apply to their service challenges.

Councils have used this programme to help them tackle some of the most pressing issues currently faced by public services.

We are pleased to announce the latest successful councils who will be working with the Design Council on their public health service challenges as part of our southern cohort:

  • LB Southwark – reduce instances of undiagnosed heart disease by increasing the uptake of health checks. Their target is to reduce early deaths by 25 per cent.
  • West Sussex – they plan to reduce the rates of teenage pregnancy amongst the local care leaver population
  • LB Islington – taking a preventative approach to reducing frailty in the local older population
  • LB Bexley – will be moving from a commissioning model for preventative services to designing one of co-production with local voluntary services
  • Huntingdonshire District Council – Huntingdonshire are aiming to reduce levels of obesity in the local town of Ramsey
  • Epping District Council – want to reduce the number of hospital admissions from the over 75 population

Take a look at our case studies to see how other councils are using design to tackle service challenges.