Cyber security - resources

Links to guidance and advice on how to protect your organisation from cyber crime.


10 Steps to Cyber Security
Guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) on how organisations can protect themselves in cyberspace.

Active Cyber Defence tools
NCSC has developed a range of security tools which are free for councils to use:

  • Web CheckA free-to-use website configuration and vulnerability scanning service.
  • Mail CheckAssists with email security configuration and reporting.
  • DNSThe National DNS service provides the UK public sector with two reliable DNS resolution services that protect users from threats posed by known, malicious malware.

Cyber attack – crisis communications advice
Information from the LGA on how best to communicate if your online systems are down.

Cyber Aware
Cyber Aware is HMG’s cyber security public awareness and behavioural change campaign encouraging the public and small businesses to adopt simple behaviours to protect themselves against the cyber threat.

Cyber Essentials
Guidance from the Government on getting protection in place against cyber threats.

LGA Secure email guidance
How to protect your organisation’s email.

Local Civic Cyber Resilience: An aid to local strategy development
Produced by the North Eastern ICT Partnership, an example of local authorities collaborating to produce advice on joining up resilience and information security functions around the issue of cyber security.

Think Cyber Think Resilience
The Think Cyber Think Resilience initiative is a National Cyber Security Programme (NCSP) funded in collaboration between Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government and IStandUK. It hosts a number of resources for councils.

Understanding Local Cyber Resilience: A guide for local government on cyber threats and how to mitigate them
Government guidance

Warning, Advice and Reporting Points
A WARP is a community-based service where members can receive and share up-to-date advice on information security threats, incidents and solutions. These have been set up in each region to represent the public sector, including councils

MHCLG NCSP- Local Pathfinder Seminar Resources
The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government have produced a list of consolidated resources referred to in the, National Cyber Security Programme funded, “Think Cyber Think Resilience” Pathfinder Training Scheme.

Cyber Technical Advisory Group (C-TAG) Resources

The Cyber-Technical Advisory Group (C-TAG) is a group of public sector Cyber Security Professionals that lead regional cyber improvement forums. The C-TAG not only offers a useful advisory function for the sector in the technical space, but also supports the work of the Local Government Association's Sector Led Improvement Offer.

The following guidance documents are a part of this offer. Authored by C-TAG, they have been put together to support local government colleagues to securely deploy Microsoft 365 and access specific services outside of a virtual private network (VPN) using managed tunnels.


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