The LGA and cyber security

We are working with government and the sector to help raise the profile of cyber security at strategic level in councils to ensure it is given the high-level recognition, resources and focus it needs.

We're doing this by:

  • highlighting and promoting existing good practice, guidance and tools to help councils put in place the necessary measure to protect their services, staff and communities mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks
  • raising issues and concerns from councils that impact on their ability to effectively protect themselves and their communities against cyber-attacks.

We coordinate a number of boards where the issue of cyber security can be raised.

For elected members:

LGA Improvement and Innovation Board
Oversees Improvement, Leadership and Productivity workstreams.

For stakeholders:

LG Cyber Security Stakeholder Group
Focuses on strategic engagement of the sector. Chaired by the LGA with representatives from councils, Socitm, Solace, Cipfa, ADASS, NCSC, Cabinet Office and MHCLG.

LG Cyber Security Technical Advisory Group
Focuses on the technical/operational aspects of cyber security. Chaired by Socitm, with representatives from councils Socitm, NCSC, MHCLG and Cabinet Office.

LG PSN Programme Board
Focuses on government networks, e.g. PSN and N3, including compliance and cyber security. Chaired by an LA Officer with representatives from councils, GDS, MHCLG and Socitm.

Local Government Delivery Council
Focuses on strategic programmes of transformation, including digital, cyber security, shared services and devolution. Chaired by an LA chief executive, representatives include LA chief executives, senior officers, MHCLG, and other government departments driving transformation programmes.

In 2018 we delivered the Cyber Security Stocktake, and we are now using this to inform the Cyber Resilience programme.

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