Digital resources

Several resources which may help your work on digital

Digital Showcase

On 22 November 2018 we held a Digital Showcase at the LGA to promote sharing of some of the great digital practice occurring within councils. Presentations from councils informed delegates of various projects and approaches taken within in the digital transformation space.

Government Digital Service (GDS)

The GDS has produced guidance and resources that may help your work on digital. Some of these resources are listed below:

LGA briefing notes

These mini reports were created to draw together the key learning from the councils that have participated in the different LGA funded digital projects. They are designed to be easy to pick up and draw out the key learning based on real-life scenarios officers working on digital projects in these councils have experienced and their subsequent reflections on these topics. They provide practical help including a list of top tips that can be used as checklists to support officers work on digital projects. This ranges from working more effectively with stakeholders and suppliers as well as, why adopting an agile approach and applying user research can result in the development of a product or service, that better addresses the user needs.

Local Digital Declaration

MHCLG is leading on the local digital declaration which sets out a collective ambition for local public services in the internet age, and the commitments to realising it, of a number of organisations signed up to the declaration.


Socitm is the professional network for digital leaders in the transformation of local, regional and national public services.

Socitm also has the Better Connected resources, which give information about the accessibility and usability of each council website.