Behavioural insight events

Information about and lessons learned from LGA events on behavioural insights.

Webinar: Applying behavioural change techniques to the COVID-19 and climate emergency responses

23 February 2021

The event showcased councils which have used behavioural change techniques to tackle two of the biggest challenges of our day – tackling COVID-19 and climate change. The event also featured the launch of a green behaviours online resource for councils. 

All Change: Applying behavioural insights to local challenges, February 2020

The third LGA Behavioural Insights conference featured excellent speakers from Bradford, Havering and Hammersmith and Fulham councils who shared their successes in their behaviour change trials. Jeremy Oliver from University College London gave the keynote speech on the behaviour change wheel and how this can be applied to local government.

The LGA Behavioural Insights podcast series was launched at this event.

Getting the foundations right is key to any successful behaviour change project. So, it was fantastic to see the LGA endorsing and upskilling behavioural science enthusiasts with the behaviour change wheel at the conference. The LGA team have created a fantastic podcast where you can get critical insights straight to your phone!" Event delegate

Download the LGA Behavioural Insights podcast presentations 

Nudges for social good - using behavioural insights in local government, March 2019

This event brought together 120 delegates from local authorities looking to use behavioural insights to improve service outcomes. We heard from councils who have been funded by the LGA, academics and suppliers who have had success in this area.

CllrJoy Allen, Portfolio Holder for Transformation at Durham County Council, hosted the day and launched the LGA’s top ten practical tips for councils who are starting out on a behavioural insights project.

“The event was thought provoking and inspiring and helped me think through how to deal with some of the issue we are facing around changing the rhetoric and ways of working with our residents, galvanising more citizen action and actually the importance of chunking this work up in to tangible, real issues.” Event delegate 

Download 'Nudges for social good' presentations

Using behavioural insights in local government, March 2018

On 15 March 2018, the LGA hosted 100 innovative thinkers at Smith Square in Westminster, London. The main objective of the day was for officers and members to hear how behavioural insights has been applied to council services step by step, and to explain their lessons learnt.

The event feedback showed that 93.8 per cent of delegates were either very or fairly satisfied. A particular strength shone through - delegates were very happy with the focus on practical application of the methodology. “I found this event very helpful; it was good to hear how ideas are implemented and evaluated in real life.” Tim Pearse from the Behavioural Insights Team provided an initial overview and further explained what the LGA grant funded programmes thus far have achieved.

Councillor Peter Fleming hosted the day. He launched the LGA and Behavioural Insights Team’s top five recommendations for using behavioural insights when increasing council tax revenue. Delegates fed back that “the speakers were without exception very informative.”

To enable learning for those that could not attend, two of the speakers were filmed. The presentations from Sue Cummings and Carl Arnold from Liverpool and Leeds City Councils respectively can be found on YouTube.

Download 'Using behavioural insights in local government' presentations

The event attendees now have the opportunity to engage with each other through the Innovative Councils Knowledge Hub page. The LGA will continue to facilitate the sharing of national good practice, how we can further manage demand and improve services for residents whilst using behavioural insights.

South West region behavioural insight event, September 2017

On Tuesday September 12 2017, Devon County Council hosted the South West region’s behavioural insights event in cooperation with the LGA and the Behavioural Insights Team.

Tim Pearse, Head of Local Government at The Behavioural Insights Team, spoke about the EAST model of behavioural insights. He explained that making behavioural change Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely, would be the best way to encourage individuals to change the way in which they think and act. 

Download Tim’s presentation

Rhian Gladman, LGA Programme Manager, spoke about the outcomes of the previous LGA behavioural insight projects. She also set out how the next set of LGA behavioural insights programme funding will work and outlined tips for applying