The LGA Cyber 360

The Cyber 360 programme supports councils to explore their cyber security culture – sharing fresh perspectives in a safe, friendly and constructive environment. Moving out of the pilot phase, we are now inviting expressions of interest from all councils, and from council officers, to take part in the programme as participating councils or as members of the Cyber 360 team.

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Is your council ready to respond to a cyber attack? Do you have knowledge and skills about cyber security not only in your IT teams, but among councillors and senior management too?

COVID-19 has demanded continuous and accelerated digital innovation in local authorities. Cyber threats continue to develop in size and sophistication; and the fast-paced digital transformation and organisational change within local authorities throughout COVID-19 has created and exposed new vulnerabilities in technology, processes, skills and training. The risk associated with a cyber incident is greater than ever.

We highly valued our Cyber 360 review, that considered a wide range of issues within the review scope. These extended beyond typical technical controls to the ‘softer’ but important issues of culture, leadership and governance. Gaining input from a range of organisations from across the sector added extra value.

– Matt Prosser, Chief Executive, Dorset Council

The LGA Cyber 360 builds on our support offer to local authorities by providing all participating councils with a funded opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on their cyber security culture, with advice, recommendations and insights from experts and peers.

The programme will:

  • help councils build capabilities and improve the understanding of cyber security principles across the organisation, beyond their IT teams
  • support councils to better understand what 'good' looks like without dictating specific outcomes or actions to be taken
  • improve cultural elements and reduce risk by looking at cyber through a different lens
  • offer a unique set of perspectives on a council’s cyber-security culture, for example, leadership, governance, and awareness.

Please note that this programme will not act as a form of compliance, accreditation, health check, or any other directive- or assurance-based model.

The programme is not just about improving the technological aspects of cyber security within local authorities, but primarily about sharing knowledge and good practice right across the organisations to bring about sustainable cultural change.

The LGA Cyber 360 is designed to provoke constructive thought and discussion. It will focus on understanding what good cyber security looks like and on signposting participants to further support rather than testing specific solutions.

Get involved

All councils are invited to apply to undertake an LGA Cyber 360 – and council officers from any council can apply to be part of the team (even if their council is not applying for the programme itself).

Apply for your council to take part in the LGA Cyber 360

Apply to take part as an individual council officer

Speak with the team

We are happy to have a conversation with anyone who is considering taking part in an LGA Cyber 360 either as a volunteer officer or as a participating council. Please email to book in a conversation.