Step 11: Reporting your success

Once you've evaluated your social media activity and accounts do you report the outputs and outcomes as you do with other media channels?

If you're not reporting back your social media activity and achievements you're missing a trick. Your senior management team may or may not take social media seriously but if you're not updating them each month on this, as a key part of your wider reporting back to them, then you're not helping your own cause.

Nobody want to wade through mountains of reports each months so a simple report presented across a side or two of A4 can do wonders to build internal confidence in the merits of resourcing social media.

Top tip – create a simple infographical reporting template

You can share this type of graphical report monthly with members and officers. Post it on your intranet too so that other staff can access it and see the results of time invested in social media.

An example of this from the London Borough of Redbridge, where social media reporting forms a clear element of wider media reporting: