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Networked Councillor

Networked Councillor is a project run by the East of England LGA in conjunction with Public-i - a provider of digital services, such as online voting, for local councils. The project explores how the work of a councillor is changing in an increasingly digital and networked society.

Networked Councillor Report (PDF)

Networked Councillor (website)

Local Democracy Bytes

A Twitter feed with links to articles, best practice examples and digital news relevant to local government.

LDBytes (Twitter feed)

Rewiring Local Democracy

A blog by LocalGov Digital - a network for digital practitioners in local government. The blog promotes digital methods for local democracy.

11 digital tips for new councillors (blog article)

Digital tips for councillors (blog article)

Best by West Midlands

A website on understanding the digital and media landscape in the context of local government. The project focuses on the West Midlands but contains universal advice on improving the effectiveness of your organisation's communications.

Best by West Midlands (website)


Examples of social media policies set out by local authorities. Follow their useful guidance or use these as a template to create your own policy.

Cornwall Council social media passport (PDF)

Leeds City Council 'The Sociable Organisation' blog

Kirklees Council social media guidance (website)

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