There’s no place like here – developing an authentic and effective place brand

Hear from the speakers and download the presentations from this LGA event, which took place in February 2018.

Essex County Council

The Future of Essex – working with partners and communities to develop your place brand
Andy Allsopp and Clare McLean, Essex County Council and Essex Partners

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London Borough of Hackney

Hackney – a place for everyone and supporting other councils to develop their place brands
Polly Cziok, London Borough of Hackney

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Luton Borough Council

Encouraging investment through effective place branding – the Luton Investment Framework
Cllr Hazel Simmons MBE, Trevor Holden and Adam Kearney, Luton Borough Council

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Hull City Council

Transforming reputation to create growth - Hull's story
Jacqui Gay, Hull City Council

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