Online and hybrid meetings: Peer to peer support

If you are setting up a webchat, online discussion forum, webinar or you know about a discussion thread where people can join in and share good practice, problem-solve and learn, please let us know and we can add this to the event listing below.

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e-learning and training materials

Zoom training video created by Northants CALC  

This video was created by Northants CALC  to demonstrate what a virtual meeting of (the fictional) Great Pipping Parish Council would look like in Zoom. It is a training video designed to show how a chairman would deal with councillors joining by computer and phone, declarations of interest, public participation and confidential items where members of the public and press are excluded.

How to Use Go To Meetings: webinar by SLCC (Society of Local Council Clerks)) 

Discover how to use Go To Meeting, provided by the SLCC

MHCLG digital webinar on continued functioning of local government

9 April 2020: Digital webinar on ‘continued functioning of local government’ meeting notes
Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG)

Public decision-making processes and enabling technologies Understanding internal workforce availability and capacity for general enquiries for COVID-19 weekly call enquiries

Making democracy digital in response to COVID-19

This panel webinar will explore solutions from local authorities across the country to discuss how councils have embraced this new way of remote working and how they envisage local democracy working now it has been digitalised.

Watch the video 'Making democracy digital in response to COVID-19' on YouTube

LGA & Zoom - Video Conferencing Workshop

On Friday 26 March 2021, the LGA and Zoom collaborated to deliver a workshop on the use and functionalities of Zoom for local government.

The session began with a brief presentation from Zoom’s UK Government Relations Director, Charlotte Holloway, in which she spoke about importance of technology in boosting public engagement and supporting the delivery of democracy in local government.

Phil Rumens, Digital Services Manager at West Berkshire Council, followed up with an overview of how the Council have been using Zoom to deliver remote council meetings throughout COVID-19.  He specifically highlighted the Zoom and YouTube integrated live streaming feature; this was pivotal in ensuring that council meetings are easy to access for the wider public. Rumen’s also spoke about how the Council used their website as a central point of communication for providing updates on new features Zoom and remote council meeting guidance.

After, Zoom’s Customer Success Team Lead, Dana Vuursteen, gave an in-dept demonstration of Zoom’s key features and functionalities. Given the focus on remote council meetings, Vuursteen concentrated on security features, like the ability to lock a meeting during a session, enabling a waiting room, removing or suspending participant activity, so that hosts can control participant activity. She also demonstrated how hosts can create, launch polls and share results with all participants in real time.

View the recording of our Zoom workshop

Passcode: k.0V?2A2

Q &A from the session

LGA & Microsoft Video Conferencing Workshop

On Thursday 9 April 2021, the LGA partnered with Microsoft to deliver a workshop on the use and functionalities of Microsoft Teams for local government.

Over 100 people registered to attend the pilot workshop, with Darryl Durno, Head of Technology Transformation at Southwark Council delivering a presentation on the Council's approach and use of MS Teams during the pandemic. Durno discussed the benefits of Microsoft Teams in holding live events for internal meetings like all-staff briefings, particularly emphasising the engagement element enabled by the Q&A feature on the live webinar mode.

Microsoft Customer Success Manager, Paul Doe followed up with a comprehensive presentation of Microsoft Teams' use for local authorities. Doe covered functionalities relating to, security, voting, cross-organisational collaboration, and live events. Attendees also received a preview of new capabilities that will improve control and structure of live webinars in the future. Microsoft will be introducing 1,000- person interactive webinars and 20,000-person live broadcasts. Both modes will have the Microsoft Forms live polls feature integrated, allowing organisers to receive feedback live during the event. Microsoft also look to improve security by creating invite only events, so that even when the access link is shared, only intended participants can enter the meeting.

In addition, Doe highlighted the benefits of incorporating Microsoft approved custom developed web apps. In particular, he mentioned a local authority developed app, Go Vote. This App allows you to authenticate users to allow them to vote on polls. Vote results can be displayed on a results screen mapped to a room layout in real-time.

The presentation is now available:

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