Highlighting Managerial Leadership

A range of officer development opportunities.

The next generation of local government will be leading through unprecedented times and councils have a vital role play in building civil society:

  • making tough decisions
  • devolving power to local people
  • promoting fairness and tackling inequality.  

As the role of councils is rapidly changing, so to is that of our officers, managers and chief executives. To support the leadership capacity of these professionals now and in the future our offer focuses particularly on ensuring:

  • the brightest and best graduates are encouraged and supported into the sector
  • those leading our local authorities are offered, joint political and managerial development opportunities;  stretching their knowledge and capability to effectively lead across place, together.
LGA and Solace Group managerial leadership programmes

The LGA sponsors Solace Group to deliver managerial leadership programmes to rising stars and executive leaders.

IGNITE - a Solace leadership programme for chief executives

IGNITE is a programme which is supported by the Local Government Association and which has been delivered in 2016/2018 by Collaborate CIC.

National Graduate Development Programme

The NGDP seeks to match bright, passionate graduates with councils where they can deliver key projects and amazing value for money.

Leading Edge

The LGA's Leading Edge area of work focuses on the critical interface between elected leaders and senior officers; challenging them to consider the key issues facing councils, communities and the wider public sector.

Local Government Challenge

LG Challenge is an annual competition for local government officers to take part in a series of real-life challenges hosted by local authorities across the country and compete for a 10k scholarship.