Chief executives 360 online appraisal tool

The goal of any 360 programme is organisational improvement. The best 360 initiatives are tightly integrated into well-orchestrated performance management and development planning programmes. Behavioural feedback is an important diagnostic stage in a meaningful development process

The LGA have developed a 360 tool specifically designed for chief executives, which links to the appraisal process to support personal development. The tool collects online information from feedback from individually determined groups that may include members, partners and staff.

With supported feedback from the LGA we are able to the work with chief executives and others to assess the impact and development opportunities when aligned to the appraisal process. The tool can also be used for other senior managers who are future or aspiring chief executives.

Data is collected and managed by CEB (SHL Talent Management) with whom the LGA have worked closely in developing the tool using aspects of the 21 Century Public Servant.

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Below you will find recent endorsements from Steve Grimond, Chief Executive and Sharon McKenzie, Head of Human Resources at Fife Council

I am happy to endorse the development by the LGA of an online tool in support of the Appraisal process for Chief Executives.  We found that the tool added real value through structured 360 feedback against a set of clearly defined competencies for Chief Executives.  The option to include a wide stakeholder group created a depth of feedback that enriched and enhanced the appraisal discussion with the Leaders of the Council and ultimately the formation of the agreed outcomes. I would be happy to recommend the tool and to use it again.
Steve Grimmond, Chief Executive, Fife Council

For a number of years we have been keen to find a way to add structure and rigour to the Chief Executive’s appraisal process.  The tool produced by LGA is complimentary to what we already have in place and has really added value to the overall process. The tool was easy to use and was well supported through its back office administrative system.  Whilst 360 feedback is only one part of the process, the availability of a tool such as this really adds value through the introduction of independent feedback and we would intend to use the tool in future years. Report was clear, easy to follow and offered real insight around strengths and successes and areas of potential development.
Sharon McKenzie, Head of Human Resources, Fife Council

For further information please contact Martin Denny, Senior Advisor in Workforce.
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