Markets and modelling project

As part of the Care and Health Improvement Programme's (CHIP) work on commissioning and market shaping, the Markets and Modelling Project is designed to support councils, sub-regions and regions, to better understand the local care market.


Phase 1 of this commissioning and market shaping work covers current care market analysis. Phase 2 covers predictive modelling.

During phase 1, CHIP has been working with colleagues from councils across England to improve access to quality information about social care markets, which includes the development of a series of interactive tools and reports that contain key information about Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered provider locations and council commissioning activity. Eighty two councils have contributed to a ‘proof of concept’ exercise that helps to explore and understand councils’ commissioning activity.

Interactive tools

Interactive tools have been developed to support councils in understanding the shape of their local care market, using the monthly information published by the CQC on registered social care providers.

Market provision tool

The market provision tool is available to all councils and can be downloaded from care homes and care and support at home, along with the market provision tool user guide.

Market analysis tool

The market analysis tool has been developed to help councils review commissioning activity and only available to councils that took part in the first ‘proof of concept’ exercise.

How to get involved

For more information about the tools or if you would like to get involved in the wider project please email 

Data protection

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This project is part of the CHIP commissioning and market shaping offer.