Our support offer has been developed in line with our latest research into effective health and wellbeing systems. The latest research is available to download. We can tailor support to meet local need. We align our offer with support from national partners where possible and co-deliver across sectors.

Shifting the Centre of Gravity: Integrated Leadership Tool

This support offer enables local health and wellbeing system leaders to identify their shared vision, leadership and accountability to achieve a fully integrated local health and care system. ambitions, capacity, capability and commitment to make meaningful progress to achieving a fully integrated local health and care system.. The workshop, facilitated by senior figures in health, local government and social care, will enable you to identify where you are now and what more you need to do to escalate the scale and pace of integration.

"Probably the best self-assessment/discussion I've been involved in."

"Exceeded my expectations in terms of generating conversations that we need to have."

What is the offer?

  • free half day facilitated workshop on site
  • highly skilled and experienced facilitators with credibility and good reputation in local government, health and adult social care
  • pre event scoping calls with key leaders to get a sense of the key issues and tailor the session to your local needs
  • an active, focused self-assessment process to prompt group discussion.
  • agreed locally owned action points that can be developed into an action plan
  • follow up discussion to identify any further action and any further support that can be offered

To go ahead and book a session with you we need the commitment from the HWB and other colleagues to own, attend and participate in the session.

Email for further information.

Shifting the centre of gravity: making place-based, person-centred health and care a reality

Bespoke support

We are able to provide completely tailored support if your area has a specific issue around health and wellbeing, or public health, prevention and early intervention that is not suited to the previous activities on offer.

We would work with the senior leadership team in an area to scope what type of support is needed.

A few examples of previous support initiatives included:

  • workshops with senior teams and elected members
  • coaching and mentoring
  • support and challenge for improving outcomes and performance.

We use experienced peers and expert associates to design and deliver our support.

Please contact your regional principal adviser for discussion.


We no longer provide specific support to local Healthwatch organisations or local Healthwatch commissioners. However you can still view the archive of useful publications.