Supporting health and wellbeing boards and system leaders

The Local Government Association is working with health and wellbeing systems to support the local case for information sharing and transformation of services enabled through digital and data.

The LGA already has an offer for care and health leaders that is focused on supporting local leadership to closer integrate of health and social care. The digital and data activity for local areas forms part of this broader support offer.

Effective information sharing is one of the foundations to the closer integration of health and social care. A survey of over 800 councillors in 2017 highlighted that there was a desire for better support to understand information sharing, technology and transformation in all its forms.

Given the need for health and wellbeing boards to be able to demonstrate their impact and better make the case for local information sharing whilst raising awareness of system transformation opportunities, the LGA is offering support to system leaders across health and social care.

Our digital and information offer for health and wellbeing boards and system leaders is framed around three areas:

Local facilitated workshops

Later in the year the LGA will be offering free, bespoke facilitated local workshops aimed at senior leaders and elected members from across health and social care. These will be focused on supporting health and care integration through information sharing and digitally enabled transformation.

This will build on the existing facilitated integration workshops using the Stepping up to the Place self-assessment tool which serves to enable local leaders to critically assess their ambitions, capabilities and capacity to integrate services to improve the health and wellbeing of local citizens and communities.

The information sharing local workshops will be offered both to those who have received a facilitated integration workshop (where information sharing has been highlighted as an area for further exploration) as well as being offered as a stand-alone workshop.

The workshops will be delivered by a senior officer / elected member and will help local system leaders consider where they are, explore further opportunities in the digital / information sharing arena and will aim to further develop the local vision for information sharing.

National roundtable and summit

In collaboration with national partners (including NHS Confederation, NHS Clinical Commissioners and NHS Providers) the LGA will deliver a roundtable and national summit on integration and digital transformation in 2017/18 which will be used to inform local and national activity.

The roundtable in September 2017 will bring together senior system leaders to discuss the known benefits, challenges and barriers to information sharing and digitally enabled transformation. This will include an exploration of:

  • What ‘good’ looks like in the context of health and social care transformation
  • Where there is evidence (nationally or internationally) of how data and digital have made a demonstrable impact change and individual / population-level outcomes?
  • What needs to be done locally, regionally and nationally to accelerate system-wide adoption

Following the roundtable, a summary of discussions and linked recommendations will be published to inform national and local activity.

As a follow-up to the roundtable, a national summit in November 2017 will provide an opportunity for local areas to showcase evidence of good practice and share learning. It will explore innovative practice that is being used to support health and care integration.

National briefings and publications

The LGA will continue to support senior leaders and elected members through national briefings and publications on key areas relating to digital and information sharing which will showcase good practice. This will include resources to support local areas on delivery of local digital roadmaps.

In addition to publications summarising discussions and recommendations from the national roundtable and summit events, a number of short reports on key enabling themes will be produced, further supporting local system change.

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