Care and health toolkits and support

Quick links to our notable tools and reports supporting sector led improvement in care and health


Adult safeguarding improvement tool – March 2017
A self-assessment tool for local care and health leaders to assess the joint approach to adult safeguarding by the council, the NHS and the Police.

Adult Social Care Risk Awareness Tool – June 2017
A self-assessment tool for councils to help identify and mitigate risks to adult social care services.

High Impact Change Model – July 2017
A self-assessment tool for local care and health systems to help manage transfer of care between hospital and home.

Data tools for managing transfers of care
A range of data tools and reports to review and explore the monthly published delayed transfers of care data at both council and Trust level.

Markets and modelling – understanding the local care market
Two interactive tools have been developed to support councils in understanding the shape of their local care market – for Care Homes and Care and Support at Home. These draw on the monthly information published by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) on registered social care providers.

Public health risk awareness self-assessment tool
The Association of Directors of Public Health and the LGA have developed a risk tool to support system leaders in local authorities in defining and understanding risk as it relates to public health commissioning, performance, partnership and resource management.

Stepping up to the place: integration self-assessment tool – November 2016
This tool is designed to support local health and care leaders through health and wellbeing boards (HWBs) to critically assess their ambitions, capabilities and capacities to integrate services to improve the health and wellbeing of local citizens and communities.

Resources self-assessment toolkit – 2014
A toolkit for councils to identify ways to make the best use of their resources.

Use of resources approach
Working collaboratively with councils, the LGA and ADASS have led the development of a robust and transparent approach to evaluating the use of resources in adult social care to support sector led improvement. The 13-step approach uses a set of questions to promote informed self-assessment and improvement, taking into account local conditions and bringing in challenge at each step. It helps councils to identify areas for further exploration, where spend and/or performance is significantly different to regional or national averages.