Corporate improvement

"Councils are accountable to their local residents, not central government departments. Ultimately, they will be judged by how effectively they deliver services, rather than whether the right boxes have been ticked on an Inspector’s template form. The LGA's offer is designed to help what is already the most directly accessible and accountable level of government to become even more responsive to local residents."

Councillor William Nunn, Chairman of the LGA's Improvement and Innovation Board

We encourage local authorities to consider how they can take advantage of our offer, although we do expect the sector to take steps to enhance the way they are locally accountable. In addition, local authorities continue to support each other through, for example, the use of peers. Through our offer, we provide approaches to help local authorities with these objectives. We are also working to ensure that inspection does not creep back by keeping an overview of the performance of the sector and the wider regulatory regime.

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