Building the Right Support and Transforming Care

The LGA is a delivery partner for Building the Right Support. Children, young people and adults with a learning disability and autistic people have the right to the same opportunities as anyone else and should be treated with dignity and respect. They should have a home within their community and get the support they need to live healthy, safe and ordinary lives, that include relationships, education, training, employment, access to good screening and healthcare.

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Bespoke support for people with learning disabilities and autism

We commissioned an evaluation on the impact consequence for local authorities and councils of delivering bespoke support to autistic people and people with a learning disability, including people who have been detained under the Mental Health Act (or at risk of being detained). This important piece of work draws on the voices, stories and experiences of people who have moved from institutional care to bespoke support and is part of the NTDi Small Supports Programme. Read the full report, Bespoke support for people with learning disabilities and autistic people.