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National Procurement Strategy

The National Procurement Strategy sets out local government’s ambitions and priorities for the next four years, focusing on the three core themes: leadership, behaving commercially and achieving community benefits.

The National Procurement Strategy for Local Government in England 2022 focuses on three themes which councils have identified as the sector’s priorities:

  • showing leadership
  • behaving commercially
  • achieving community benefits.

Our toolkit, which accompanies this strategy, provides additional guidance to councils on how to frame objectives and assess maturity in each of the key areas.

In addition to the themes, the strategy identifies five ‘enablers’:

  • adding value
  • developing talent
  • exploiting digital technology
  • enabling innovation
  • embedding change.

These cross-cutting actions have been identified by councils as being necessary for successful delivery in the key areas. The idea is that each council chooses the level of maturity it aims for in each of the key areas. The choices will naturally reflect local priorities and the resources available to the council. It is recognised, of course, that district councils may have different objectives to larger councils.

It is envisaged that groups of councils may want to develop their own regional procurement strategies based on this model which reflect their own local and regional priorities.