Better use of data

The use of data plays an increasing role in designing, delivering and transforming public services to improve outcomes and drive efficiencies within current financial constraints.

More data than ever is available to inform digital tools and services and get greater insights into user needs and local places.

The LGA is working to get a better understanding about the value of data in public services and encourage local authorities to open up, share and better use data to:

  • design services around user needs
  • engage and empower citizens to build their communities
  • drive efficiencies and public service transformation
  • promote economic and social growth through the innovative use of data
  • be transparent and publicly accountable.

LGA data initiatives

The LGA supports a number of initiatives that help local authorities to develop the best data management practices and to encourage wider re-use between councils, their delivery partners and the wider general public.

Find out more about our current projects and learn insights from past projects below.

Current activities

Concluded activities

During the 2016-2017 session, the LGA partnered with the Open Data Institute (ODI) to develop online practical aids and eLearning modules to promote good practice in local information management and to enhance the skills and knowledge of elected members and local government staff. An effective set of eLearning modules was developed and published to instruct on better data practices and to encourage a consistent approach to the use of data standards and publishing techniques. These modules were supported by a series of nine online webinars, where tuition and questions and answers were provided to users in live online sessions.

A summary of the eLearning modules and YouTube recordings of the webinars gives more information here.

Tools and resources

An open data infrastructure for local government is complex – particularly because published local open data comes from over 350 separate local sources but is only sensible and re-usable when it conforms to appropriate, minimal data standards to ensure consistency throughout the country and to facilitate easy data discovery, aggregation and re-use.

The LGA is a key advocate of open data publishing and local government transparency. For over a decade, the LGA has coordinated the development of sector-wide tools and guidelines and has driven the local government transparency agenda since its launch in 2010.

Learn more about the tools and guidelines available