Care Technology Support Programme 2020-21

We partnered with Rethink Partners to help us deliver a range of connected opportunities that will support councils to create momentum and new ways of thinking about care technology.

This programme has now closed however all tools and resources developed for councils are available below. See ‘Tools and resources’ tab. Information about the LGA’s wider care technology support is also available under ‘Further support’.

Councils across the country are increasingly looking to care technology services for more person-centred and preventative approaches to care and support which keep people independent and connected to their communities. There is the potential to significantly increase take-up as well as impact and outcomes particularly as technology moves from analogue to digital.
We have heard from our engagement with councils that there is an opportunity to provide further support to councils wanting to review and expand their care technology offer, particularly as councils continue to respond to the impact of COVID-19.
This flexible package of support has been purposefully designed to provide learning opportunities rich in breadth and depth so that there is something for everyone, regardless of what stage on your care technology journey you might be at.

The offer

This package of support ran from January - March 2021 and included:

  1. Care technology masterclasses. Five thematic masterclasses to support councils unlock greater value from their care technology offer. Topic areas for masterclasses are wide ranging, from digital care technology commissioning to measuring value creation and tracking benefits. Following each masterclass, a support tool to enable councils to put learning into practice and a leadership briefing will be provided.
  2. Coaching/community of practice. This includes bespoke coaching to a small cohort of care technology leads who formed a community of practice and receive intensive development support. 
  3. Care Technology Diagnostic and Planning Tool
  4. Care technology clinics. Open clinics for councils to discuss any aspect of their care technology approaches and receive advice, guidance and support.

You can now watch all of these masterclasses on the DTASC Network Knowledge Hub library.

Masterclass 1: Digital care technology commissioning (Thursday 21 January 2021)

  • What is digital care technology commissioning?
  • Digital commissioning competencies and practical application
  • Lessons learned from care technology procurements and the experiences of councils

Masterclass 2: Value creation and benefits (Wednesday 3 February 2021)

  • The economic case for care technology and building a business case
  • How value can be measured (financial and non-financial)
  • What might a benefits and outcomes framework for care technology look like 

Masterclass 3: Human-centred design and innovation (Wednesday 24 February 2021)

  • The role of innovation in deploying care technology effectively – why, when and how?
  • Approaches for delivering innovation in practice including human centred-design approaches and tools 
  • How to measure the impact of innovation, including if it goes wrong 

Masterclass 4: Culture change and partnerships (Wednesday 10 March 2021)

  • Why culture change is essential to care technology transformation
  • Components of a culture change programme – organisation and system
  • Top tips on working with wider partners on care technology 

Masterclass 5: Digital, data and future trends (Wednesday 24 March 2021) 

  • Overview of care technology including categories of technology – current and future
  • The potential of data and AI to disrupt operating models and unlock value
  • Overview of other emerging technology themes 
Programme tools and resources

The LGA and Rethink Partners in collaboration with councils on this programme have developed a suite of practical tools and resources available for the sector below. Slides for each masterclass are also available to download in the LGA Care Technology Network. Contact for joining instructions.

Masterclass 1: Digital care technology commissioning

Masterclass 2: Value creation and benefits

Masterclass 3: Human centred-design and innovation

Masterclass 4: Culture change and partnerships

Masterclass 5: Digital, data and future trends

Visit LGA – Digital Care Technology Support - Rethink Partners for more information.