Transformation matching service

Our Transformation matching service seeks to match councils who wish to learn from what good looks like in other councils’ transformation activities.

As one of the new tools on offer to councils as part of our Transformation programme, the matching service looks to match councils that have identified their transformation challenges with councils that are facing similar challenges as well as those who may be further along in their transformation journey.

This service will help you to work through the challenges and barriers to fundamentally changing you processes, systems and skills to achieve measurable improvement in efficiency and effectiveness as well as empowering your council to achieve you transformation goals.

The matching service will help to:

  • connect councils that are looking to progress their Transformation programme
  • provide councils with a support network of other councils facing similar challenges in their transformation journey
  • offer an opportunity to have honest conversations about where you and your council are meeting challenges to progressing your transformation plans.

This service is open to both council officers and councillors. If you or your council is looking to develop and progress your transformation programme and would like to be matched with a council facing a similar challenge please complete the form below.

Expression of interest form  

If you have any questions about this offer or our Transformation programme, please email us at [email protected]