Apprenticeships - for students

Local government has an enormous range of jobs and endless opportunities for development. Working for a council provides a great starting point for your future career, wherever it may take you. 

Why an apprenticeship in local government?

Councils are at the heart of the places we live, work, learn, shop, socialise and exercise. The responsibility for helping and protecting people, shaping and maintaining the environment and supporting local businesses in an area, is a fundamental part of the role of councils.

Across the country, local government provides a huge range of services to local people and employs millions of staff to do so. People who work for councils: 

  • teach our children
  • protect vulnerable people
  • support and promote local businesses and jobs
  • ensure we are treated well and not over-charged by shops and restaurants
  • put out fires
  • make our neighbourhoods safer and more pleasant to live in
  • run our parks, leisure centres and libraries
  • help to keep us and the community healthy. 

Increasingly, they do many of these things by working together with local residents and people in the health service, police forces, other parts of the public sector and private sector. They make decisions that ensure local people get the most effective and efficient services possible.

Councils need talented people of all ages and backgrounds to work for them. Do you want to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable people? Do you want to work on projects to help regenerate your local community? Do you want to tackle the challenges of climate change and protect our environment? Then an apprenticeship in local government might be for you.

Step into an apprenticeship with Devon County Council