School teachers' pay 2021

This page brings together all the information you will need in relation to school teachers’ pay in 2021/22. The LGA provides the secretariat for NEOST (National Employers Organisation for School Teachers).

The STRB’s 31st Report, draft STPCD and Teachers’ Pay Order was received by National Employers Organisation for School Teachers (NEOST) and published by Government on 21 July 2021. This enables NEOST to consult our stakeholders on the proposed changes to teachers pay and conditions as described within the STPCD before it is published this year - expected sometime early in the autumn term.  The NEOST consultation also provides an opportunity to identify what school employers think needs to be the focus for the STRB’s remit for 2022.

LGA Consultation - Draft STPCD 2021, STRB 31st Report and Pay Order

The Government invited NEOST( as the employer voice) on 21 July 2021 to respond to an 8 week consultation on the publication of the 31st STRB report, Draft STPCD 2021 and the Pay Order.

Respond to the LGA consultation on of the 31st STRB report, Draft STPCD 2021 and the Pay Order

View the STRB 31st Report 2021

Ministerial statement

View the Draft 2021 STPCD for consultation with tracked changes

View the Draft 2021 STPCD for consultation: clean version

The School Teachers' Pay and Conditions (England) Order 2021

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STRB remit and NEOST evidence for 2021

The STRB remit was received by National Employers Organisation for School Teachers (NEOST) and published by the Government on the 15 December. The NEOST evidence to the STRB was published in February 2021.

Headlines on STRB Remit Teachers’ Pay 2021

  • As anticipated following the CSR announcement on public sector pay restraint and targeting in November, the remit is restricted with the government not asking for any recommendations on teachers pay uplifts this year (pay progression for teachers will continue in line with school pay policies) and a shorter than usual timescale for responding (noon, 17 February 2021). 
  • The main focus for the STRB this year is on recommendations on how best to implement the SR 2020 announcement for those earning less than £24k, i.e. £250 for unqualified teachers. 
  • In addition, the STRB will consider the wider recruitment and retention issues for teachers, the impact of Covid-19 and affordability of any recommended pay uplifts for councils and schools.  
  • The government has confirmed their continued commitment to increase starting salaries to £30,000 nationally whilst accepting that progress towards this will be slower than ministers had stated to be achieved in 2022.

NEOST written response to the School Teachers’ Review Body - February 2021

NEOST welcomed the opportunity to submit its views in response to the School Teachers’ Review Body’s (STRB) call for evidence in relation to its 31st remit report. 

The following is the written submission from NEOST, together with the appendices referred to in the main submission.

NEOST written evidence for the STRB 31st report
Appendix 1 NEOST response to STRB - Survey results from LA's and questions
Appendix 2 LGA pay ref circular 2020 - 24 September 2020
Appendix 3 NEOST evidence to STRB - 2021 teachers pay - affordability research  

Headlines of NEOST written response to teachers’ pay 2021 

The key NEOST's headlines to the STRB's call for evidence relating to the Government's published remit for the 31st report is as follows, that:

  • applying the public sector pay pause (except for a relatively small number of lower paid unqualified teachers (UQTs), is likely to increase the existing recruitment and retention difficulties for all qualified teachers and leaders already identified across the whole school system
  • NEOST supports a level of pay protection for the lower paid (in relation to the proposed consolidated payment of £250) for teachers’ earning less than £24,000 (FTE) on the UQTs ranges
LGA webinar (13 July) update on teachers’ pay 2021
Download the presentation from this event.