EMP circular 2/22 - Pay Offer response

Pay offer response 2022

Local Government Association,
18 Smith Square, Westminster,
London, SW1P 3HZ
e-mail: firequeries@local.gov.uk
Employers’ Secretary, Naomi Cooke

National Employers

To: Chief Fire Officers
Chief Executives/Clerks to Fire Authorities
Chairs of Fire Authorities
Directors of Human Resources
CC: Members of the Employers’ Side of the NJC

19 July 2022

1. Circular EMP/1/22 advised FRAs and FRSs of the employees’ side pay claim and the employers’ response to the claim.
2. The employees’ side has today responded and rejected the offer. A copy of this letter can be found below.
3. Employers’ side members will now consider the response and we will keep FRSs informed as matters progress.

Yours faithfully,

Jamie Osowski
Employers’ Secretariat

Matt Wrack
General Secretary
Bradley House, 68 Coombe Road,
Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT2 7AE
bu.org.ukl @fbunational
020 8541 1765 I

Our Ref: MW/jh
Letter sent by email to Naomi.Cooke@local.gov.uk
Ms N Cooke - Head of Workforce
Local Government Association
18 Smith Square
19 July 2022

Dear Naomi,


At a meeting of our Executive Council yesterday, we heard reports from discussions with our members on your pay proposals. The result was a unanimous rejection of the proposal. We have not yet heard back from FOA. However, that will not alter the outcome, and the employees’ side of the NJC rejects the employers’ offer. Please inform your colleagues accordingly.

Yours sincerely

Matt Wrack
General Secretary
Cc: Gill Gittins - Senior Adviser (Workforce and Negotiations)