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Employee engagement surveys

Helping councils to develop, design, implement, and benchmark employee surveys more effectively.

Unlike other public institutions, such as NHS and central government, there is no consistent, unified methodology applied to the measurement of the employee engagement in local government. Until now.

The LGA have supported the development of a Local Government ‘employee engagement index’ (LGEEI) – a set of core questions for all councils to include in their employee surveys to create a benchmark for the sector.

The LGEEI was developed and designed by councils for councils. It draws on research from CIPD, Engage for Success the LGAs own research on employee engagement over the last decade and by a group of councils from the Local Government Organisational Development Network.

The LGEEI aims to provide a meaningful level of insight into the workplace experience that drives employee engagement in councils.

By adopting and using the index in your employee survey we hope to make improvements in employee engagement so that councils can save time and money through collaboration and potential economies of scale.

The approach therefore aims to provide all councils with:

  • a robust set of questions that can be used to start to measure employee engagement
  • a simple way to collect data as a sector using a variety of mechanisms
  • a collection timescale so we can compare like for like data on an annual basis
  • a common way to analyse the results so that the data is meaningful and explains what a council needs to do differently to improve employee engagement
  • a way to benchmark employee engagement and to share experiences and practice on what actions to take, based on the results.


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