Supporting councils to develop career pathways

Career Pathways are key tools within the workforce planning process as it drives succession planning and delivers solutions to support business as usual.

Programme details

Career pathways are future-proofing teams and workforces in order to retain sufficient talent to ensure organisations meet their strategic objectives. It ensures that organisations:

  • invest in internal succession and progression
  • help employees understand why career agility is important
  • enable career growth on all levels of the organisation, not just high-fliers
  • help leaders and managers do a better job of career coaching
  • help leaders and managers understand the importance of being ‘talent agents’ for their people
  • increase visibility of career paths as well as the internal talent supply for leaders and managers

The LGA is in a position to provide the following for its members:

  • an interactive design workshop session delivered either virtually or on-site as appropriate to develop career pathways for specific teams
  • a ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop to enable the council to develop in-house career pathways to support the organisation

The workshop can be enhanced by employing additional tools such as workforce analytics to identify and focus on critical roles within services.


For further details please email:

Nigel Carruthers – [email protected]
Welna Bowden – [email protected]