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On behalf of its members, the cross-party LGA regularly briefs parliamentarians of all political affiliations on issues of concern and relevance to local government ahead of debates in Parliament. The most recent of these can be found here, as can the LGA's written responses to parliamentary inquiries, such as those held by Select Committees.

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LGA response to DEFRA call for evidence on coastal erosion and flooding policy

Investment in flooding and coastal erosion relies heavily on public sector contributions. Councils are keen to play a part in securing wider contributions, but complex and time consuming processes make this difficult to achieve in practice.

Response to the Government consultation on the future delivery of support to victims and their children in accommodation-based domestic abuse services in England, July 2019

Councils recognise they have an important role to play in tackling domestic abuse, alongside partners in health, education, housing, the police and wider services.

LGA response to draft National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) Strategy for England

DEFRA’s National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy sets out a variety of different measures to be delivered across risk management authorities, including Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFAs), district councils and highways authorities.

The role and sufficiency of youth services - House of Commons, 24 July 2019

Councils provide a wide range of youth services. As local authority budgets have reduced and demand for services has increased, councils have had to make difficult decisions about how to use increasingly limited resources on youth services.

Local Housing Allowance and Homelessness - House of Commons, 24 July 2019

Our latest analysis demonstrates that homelessness support (including temporary accommodation) faces a funding gap of £110 million in 2019/20, and £421 million in 2024/25. There are currently 83,700 homeless households in need of temporary accommodation and other forms of support from local authorities.

Development of Primary Care Networks, 18 July 2019

This briefing is to update you on the development of Primary care networks (PCNs) which were established on 1 July and to provide advice on the contribution of local government to this important change to the health and care landscape.

Debate on body image and mental health, House of Commons, 23 July 2019

Councils are supporting children and young people with high quality mental health support. Children’s services see more than 500 cases a day of children presenting with a mental health problem.

The Impact and response to the funding levels of public services that interact with young adults - House of Lords, 18 July 2019

Many of the services that impact young adults are delivered by local government. The challenges facing them span a range of issues. It is vital that the Government uses the Spending Review to deliver truly sustainable funding for local government. Investing in local services is good for the nation’s prosperity and overall wellbeing.

Debate on children and mental health services House of Commons 16 July 2019

Improving and maintaining good mental health for children is a vital priority for councils. Intervening early can dramatically improve an individual’s life chances and save our public services money in the longer term.

Devolution to English cities in the light of Lord Heseltine’s report ‘Empowering English cities’, House of Lords, 17 July 2019

Local leaders should be given the responsibility and funding to address long-standing challenges and maximise opportunities. Bringing power and resources closer to people is the key to delivering better outcomes for communities and inclusive growth across the country.


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