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On behalf of its members, the cross-party LGA regularly briefs parliamentarians of all political affiliations on issues of concern and relevance to local government ahead of debates in Parliament. The most recent of these can be found here, as can the LGA's written responses to parliamentary inquiries, such as those held by Select Committees.

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Twenty years of Devolution - House of Commons, 11 July 2019

The UK system of devolution is unequal. Councils across England need to be given control over public services and investments.

Debate on tackling climate change, protecting the environment and securing global development, House of Commons, 10 July 2019

The ability of local government to take the lead on climate change is restricted by financial constraints on councils, a lack of devolved powers, challenges with monitoring and implementation and a lack of awareness of the agenda.

NHS Long Term Plan Implementation Framework

We welcome the numerous mentions throughout the document of the need for the NHS to work with partners, in particular local government. The NHS view of what constitutes a locally driven plan, however, is more centrally driven than the local government perspective.

House of Lords Debate on the Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an overarching framework cutting across environmental, economic and social goals.

House of Commons Debate on active travel 9 July 2019

Councils support active travel. Getting people to use more active travel will improve congestion, air quality and obesity rates, which in turn have substantial benefits such as for local economies, education and taxpayers.

Debate on the Apprenticeship Levy and the case for the effective delivery of workplace opportunities for young people, House of Lords, 4 July 2019

To help councils and combined authorities close their skills gaps the Government should enable them to coordinate a localised approach to skills. This includes loosening Apprenticeship Levy restrictions. We welcome announcements made on this in the 2018 Budget, but the Government must now go further and faster. 

Update on Payments for Sleep-in Shifts in Social Care, July 2019

On 13 February 2019, the Supreme Court granted Unison leave to appeal the Court of Appeal judgment. The case has been listed to be heard on 12 and 13 February 2020.

Debate on public libraries - House of Commons, 11 July 2019

Libraries are trusted spaces, free to enter and open to all. They provide people with the opportunity to read and learn with a range of books, digital and other resources. The way people use libraries is changing, and councils have a key role in their development as these changes take place, including exploring alternative models of delivery such as trust or community-run libraries.

Debate on MHCLG spending estimates, House of Commons, 2 July 2019

Councils will face an overall funding gap of £3.1 billion in 2019/20, which we estimate will rise to £8 billion by 2024/25. The pressures are particularly acute in adult social care, children’s services, public health and homelessness support. Overspends in these services have forced councils to make in-year budget cuts to balance their books.

LGA submission: Online Harms White paper, 1 July 2019

The LGA supports the Government’s undertaking to address the abuse and exploitation of our online environment and social media through the creation of duty of care on online platforms, the creation of codes of practice, and the role of a regulator in monitoring and enforcing compliance. Whilst the internet and social media has undoubtable enriched our lives, councils have a strong interest in making our online environment safe and should be regarded as important stakeholders in the development of this policy.


'Why should you accept someone constantly disturbing your peace online when you wouldn't accept it offline?'…

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