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Planning is about how we manage the use and development of land and the environment in the public interest. It involves local authorities, engaging with their communities and preparing plans that set out how they want their places to look and work in the future.

Planning allows us to identify what changes we need to make: new homes, open spaces, places to work, shops, education, health and transport facilities, and so on. Decisions on planning applications are then made to implement these plans.

Local authorities, working with their communities, are responsible for deciding whether a proposed development should get planning permission. This might be an extension to a house or a new entertainment and shopping complex, a large transport project or piece of energy infrastructure.

Planning seeks to ensure the correct balance between the need for new development and conserving what is important about our existing environment.

Do you have a planning query?

The Planning Advisory Service is not able to advise members of the public or planning practitioners on specific planning queries.

More information on what we do is available in the about us section of our site.

About us 

For further information contact the planning department of your local authority. Contact details for your local authority can be obtained from the:  

Gov.uk website

The following organisations might also be able to help:

Planning Portal

The Planning Portal offers a wide range of services and guidance on the planning system.

Planning Portal

The Royal Town Planning Institute

The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) exists to advance the science and art of town planning for the benefit of the public and provides guidance on many key areas in relation to improving the planning service.

The Royal Town Planning Institute

Planning Aid

Planning Aid England (PSE) is supported by the RTPI.. PAE offer free, independent, professional advice on planning issues. Visit their website at www.rtpi.org.uk/planning-aid/  to find out if they can help you with your query. 


Locality is the national network of ambitious and enterprising community-led organisations, working together to help neighbourhoods thrive. If you're a parish/neighbourhood forum group then contact them for assistance.