Councillors & officers discuss virtual committees

Fireside Chats - what are planners and politicians saying?

In our view it is essential that councils continue to run robust and legally sound processes. However alongside observing the letter of the law it is important to remember the spirit. It is not easy, but planning must continue to be transparent and fair. In this series of "fireside chats" Martin Hutchings talks to some of our councillor peers and officers to explore what is in their minds. We are very grateful to:

LB Brent - James and Gerry tell us what they learned from Brent's first virtual planning committee

Liverpool - Tricia and Michael reflect on what they've learned after their 3rd committee during Covid-19 lockdown.

Plymouth - Bill and Peter talk to us about how they preparing for their first virtual committee

Bryony (Ipswich), Linda (Wychavon), Mike (Teignbridge) discuss the implications of Covid 19 for their role as councillors:


Probity in planning: Advice for councillors and officers making planning decisions

This 2019 guidance is an update to the 2013 version of the Local Government Association’s Probity in Planning. It clarifies how councillors can get involved in planning discussions on plan making and on applications, on behalf of their communities in a fair, impartial and transparent way.