Planning Committee Review

Running a good planning committee is a challenge, and the best committees periodically review how they operate to ensure that it acts as an excellent 'shop window' for the council. We believe the best people to challenge a committee are fellow councillors and senior officers who can provide an external perspective. (March 2020)

We use peers to provide this support, and we will try to match councils with suitable and local people. This is not always possible - ask to see if we have peers in your region. We may also ask your head of planning and committee chair to join up as peers after you have been through this process so you can visit other committees, offer them your perspective and learn about other ways of organising a committee too.

Support offer

  • Scoping conversations to clarify objectives
  • Committee visit
  • Following day interviews with committee chair and head of planning + Q&A
Our normal approach will reflect on
  • The purpose of the committee
  • The format and process
  • The 'customer experience'
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Quality and improvement

Following the session, PAS will provide a very short report with the key recommendations for the benefit of the whole committee. A sample report is here:


The amount of preparation required is minimal for councils. The cost of this support varies depending on the sort of review you want and who we get to support the work. If you might be interested get in touch and we can see if we can help. [email protected]