Archived: LDO reports

Archived April 2016. This page will no longer be updated.

In January 2014 we carried out a piece of research that looks into the range of LDOs that have been prepared throughout the country:

(Word, 26 pages).

We think this report has flagged up some interesting issues around LDOs. Firstly, a lack of clarity about what the LDOs are seeking to achieve; secondly, a lack of monitoring and evaluation to find out what they did achieve, and thirdly, how to do an LDO without recreating a restrictive regime. If you are interested in developing work on these areas with us, please get in touch.

You can also download our April 2011 report of the project:


This summary of the LDO project is designed to give you a flavour of the issues involved in developing an LDO, the circumstances or objectives when you might want to consider an LDO, tips for developing a viable LDO, and the potential benefits and unresolved questions to date. We hope this will help you in your own preparations for neighbourhood planning and localism.