Archived - PAS support for LDOs

To complement the government's recent statements about the development of brownfield sites for housing, incentives were offered to help Councils to develop Local Development Orders for housing sites in order to create a simplified planning environment to encourage development to come forward.   
The LDO housing pilots are nearing completion, and we are capturing their learning in a series of advice notes. Here is the first:

Background information

We're helping councils to develop Local Development Orders for housing sites.
Four pilots are taking place and you can view for regular updates.
  • Teignbridge District Council's project will create an LDO to develop a positive planning framework to encourage developer to bring forward a housing and mixed use development on a critical, long vacant  town centre regeneration site
  • Swindon Borough Council's project is to create  LDOs that support the council's assisted living project, using modular housing to meet housing and adult social care needs in the community.
  • Welwyn and Hatfield District Council is working with the business owners of an employment site on the edge of Hatfield town centre. Working collaboratively, the redevelopment plans will support this important local employer and provide a high quality new housing development.
  • North East Lincolnshire Council's LDO project is to develop a new financially viable scheme for the for a site in Cleethorpe Town centre.
These interesting projects are described and progress  reports, supporting materials  and commentary from all the parties involved  on a purpose built website. On this website expect to find commentary and blogs from all those who are involved in the process of creating their LDO – including the planners, councillors, developers and consultants – describing the actions that they are taking, the issues they are identifying and the solutions and materials that they are creating as they follow the processes to develop a housing LDO.