Housing Delivery Test and monitoring

In October 2018 we held three events for monitoring officers and people wanting to understand the mechanics of how the Housing Delivery Test worked. These sessions went through the new standard methodology for calculating local housing need, how the Housing Delivery test was being introduced and allowed delegates to work up their own results in a new workbook.

These events were held to share and compare the details of how the information was gathered and used. There were also handouts used that were rendered out of date by the changes to standard methodology announced via a consultation part-way through the event series. 

You can find the deck we used below:

Slide deck

The handouts we used are in the KHub. See the presentation for some important caveats - our analysis was done by LGA colleagues and does not carry any guarantee of being correct and is not supported or endorsed by MHCLG. 

If you have questions on the presentation or particular aspects of the Housing Delivery Test you can ask in the KHUB and we (or delegates who took part in the events) can try to answer.